Sardinia, Italy in various light conditions

On a recent trip to the Italian Island of Sardinia, I shot several pictures in different lighting conditions.  The weather was excellent so it was easy to plan for some sunset shots, evening “golden hour” shots, and some night shots.  The daylight shots were a matter of necessity since we only had about 6 hours in the town of Bosa.  Most of the pictures were taken in Alghero.

Taking pictures in the daylight sun has some challenges, but I do not shy away from them since this time is a big part of the trip and therefore the source of many memories.  If you have ever seen an advertisement for vacation spots, typically some of the shots are taken during the bright sunny part of the day, especially if the picture is of a beach scene.  Photography is all about getting the exposure correct given the light presented to you, with the goal of presenting the picture as your interpretation of the scene as you saw it.  Or put anther way:

“I employ numerous photographic controls to create an image that represents “the equivalent of what I saw and felt.”

Ansel Adams from the book “The Negative”

The Negative was published in 1981, and it is part of “The Ansel Adams Photography Series.”  Although it predates the digital age, it still has a wealth of info that is pertinent for todays digital Photographers.

***Click on any of the pictures for a larger view (especially the small pictures).

Here are some sunset shots taken in the town of Alghero

Enjoy these evening golden hour shots in Alghero

Sardinia, Italy-188



Night Shots in Alghero

Day Shots in Bosa on the Island of Sardinia




Day shots in Alghero on the Island of Sardinia