24 thoughts on “Dancers by the Seine

  1. These are so much fun. You’ve helped convey the mood by including the spectators, because it seems as though the dancers are in such flow that they don’t even realize they’re not alone. I like the monochrome tone, too. So nice!

  2. Gorgeous, emotive photo essay.

    I also like the end of that quote. It should be a title of something, maybe a band; “So We Dance in Paris”.

  3. Hi Pat – I love your shots of the dancers!. I’m wondering why I haven’t gotten any notifications from you even though I follow you. So I thought I better check in to your blog – don’t want to miss your sweet images!

  4. Hi Pat
    I am officially following you, but there is something wrong. I do not get notifications of your uploads so only see them from time to time. I shall see if I can correct that

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