41 thoughts on “Fall in Northern Michigan

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  2. Your photographs are beautiful! It is the third time I ‘like’ the post since the day you posted it, and my ‘like’ disappears…. So I though I would better leave a comment 🙂

  3. So beautiful. I still have yet to visit your state. Kim and I were planning to take a road trip to Flint last summer but we had a change of plans. Too much going on at once. We’ll see about next year.

  4. Thank you Allan! Even though I live up here, fall is so short that it saddens me… and it’s such a beautiful season up here. I am thrilled that you spent some time up here – long enough to memorialize another Autumn. And I love Point Betsie. My husband and I, when he was living, owned 10 acres on Homestead Rd. on 31. We spent a lot of time in Empire, Beulah, and Honor. When he passed away in 2007, I never went back; it was too difficult. I sold the land and am still grieving. It hurts to see pictures of this area and around Leelenau, but it hurts in a good way. Thank you.

  5. Una Serie Realmente Preciosa, Muy Buenos Los Colores Del Otoño… Una Gran Envidia Por No Poder Disfrutar De Esos Paisajes En La Realidad… Un Saludo.

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