Juggling School

Paris,France,Street Photography,Black and White Photography

Parc de Belleville is far from the tourist core of Paris, but it is alive with memories! You may have seen street jugglers performing on the streets of Paris. Parc de Belleville is a spot where Parisians hone their craft.

11 thoughts on “Juggling School

  1. I love Paris – I’ve never been to this park, and your photo makes me want to venture out of the tourist core next time I go. Amazing shot!

    • Thank you Erin, we have been wondering the lesser known areas of Paris, and have discovered some real unigue photography opportunities. The Canal-St Martin is another interesting area, especially up in the 11th Arrondissement.

  2. I remember juggling school. I juggled math, I juggled writing, I juggled science, I juggled art, I juggled phys-ed, I juggled woodwork and metalwork, etc.

    HAR! 😀

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