29 thoughts on “Spring Steps in Paris!

  1. A great opportunity, that passage of the little girl! the result reminds me of Doisneau !! know you?
    Have a nice week end

    • Thank you Pat, and yes I am familiar with Doisneau’s work. I attended a workshop in Paris conducted by Peter Turnley. Several of the great French photographers were discussed. We were on our own to take pictures in Paris. I saw an opportunity and I waited for the right moment. I also like Brassai and Boubat. Peter and Boubat were good friends.

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  3. Your photograph is mesmerizing! I like that you focus on people and their individual/unique privacy situations… such as when even walking is a private affair that you capture on ‘film.’
    Jo recniky.com (Inklings of a Bookworm)

    • Merci beaucoup Esther! Ronis was one of the best, as well as several other great French photographers! The shot took some patience and luck! I had to listen to the girls steps as she approached and time the shot just right. I am glad you enjoyed the photo!

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