24 thoughts on “Parisian Mood

    • Lisa, thank you for your nice comments. I look at each picture and decide how to process them based on the exposure and file info of each picture. This process leads to some different results for each black and white conversion. I enjoy the wonderful pictures on your site!

  1. I’m french and it’s so funny to see your vision and what you chose to take a picture : the Eiffel Tour, the Baguette, the pétanque… So funny ! Where are you from ?

    • I am a permanent traveler currently living in Guatemala, but I was born in the United States (Michigan). I spent a lot of time in Paris, and my favorite neighborhood to photograph is the Belleville area. Here are couple others you may like…”hot linked” under Top Ten Post on the home page: spring-steps-in-paris, caught-in-the-act,
      the-reader, work-and-play-in-paris. I do like a good Baguette! Take care.

    • Follow up: I linked all my Paris photos to the Europe/France/Paris link in the top menu item under Europe. I have always separated Street photos from what I see as travel photos from the Europe section. I now realize this is probably a mistake-ha! Check them out! Have a nice day!

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