18 thoughts on “Moving as Fast as They Can

  1. First thought – is this usual drop-off point where they have to walk across three other tracks? It’s an awesome photo.

    • Thanks Robert!
      Yes it is the drop off point in the area of Budapest called Újpest in the 4th District. There is a walking bridge over the tracks that no one really uses other than a particular photographer on the day the shot was taken-ha! This stop has an international line that goes through it, but it appears there are a lot of commuting lines going into Budapest.

    • Thanks Allan! I had seen this train stop through the window of a train I frequently take to Bratislava, so I got on a tram one day and headed out to the area with my camera. It is a very interesting place.

    • No, I shot this on a walkway bridge above the tracks. Hand held with a 23mm prime lens on the Fuji X100s. ISO 400 at f/11with a 250 shutter speed. Picture is slightly cropped on the top and bottom, and I had to use some selective dodging to make the older travelers stand out. Tati, there are some great street tutorials on Eric Kim’s Web site-the blog part. He talks about the figure to ground concept. I tried to draw this out with the dodging. Take a look at his site if you have a chance. Take care!

  2. What a great photo. Love not only your subject but seeing the focal point that goes clear down the tracks. Very nice. 🙂 Really liked visiting and seeing all your other photos also.

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