Black and White World

  I enjoy black and white (B&W) photography.  Here are some of my favorite photographs over the years.   Several of the shots have duotones and tritones blended into the picture.  This adds more contrast and pop to the picture.   By shooting in the RAW file format, I am able to edit and convert to B&W with more data.  Depending on the tonal range of the picture, I will select from several different methods to convert to B&W.   The editing process starts in LightRoom-4 and ends with sizing and sharpening in Photoshop.  Capturing clouds with landscapes adds another element of contrast to landscape pictures.  Enjoy! 

Click on the pictures to see a larger size.



High Tatras Mountains in Slovakia                                                    



















Bratislava Castle




Bratislava in Back and White






Tram Portraits in Bratislava

Looking out or looking in?
Lonely Look!

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