Park Bench Relationship Progression

Sunny winter day last year in a local park.

Street Photography, Black and White Photography, Budapest Hungary

Relationship Progression
Budapest, Hungary 

Parisian Mood

A few pictures from Paris…Enjoy!

Paris, Street Photography, Black and white

Playground Passenger
Paris, France 2012

Pétanque,Paris France, Street Photography, Black and White

Paris, France 2012

Baguette, Paris, France, Street photography, black and white

My Baguette!
Paris, France 2012

Paris France, Architecture, Colorful Paris

Side Streets
Paris, France 2012

Paris, France, Notre Dame, Seine

City of Lights
Paris, France


Kerepesi Cemetery

Reflecting on All Souls Day at Kerepesi Cemetery last fall.

Kerepesi Cemetery Budapest, Hungary 2013

Kerepesi Cemetery
Budapest, Hungary 2013

Ageless Faith

Riding my bike in rural Hungary, I came upon a funeral at a church in the village of Fot. This woman was the last to arrive. Fortunately, I brought my camera.


Fót, Hungary, Street Photograhhy

Ageless Faith
Fót, Hungary 2014

Beer Pub (Söröző) Debate

Two Hungarians in a söröző (beer pub) having a lively discussion!  I am reflected in the mirror shooting from the hip.

Opinions in the Söröző,Vac Hungary, Street Photography, Black and White

Söröző Debate
Vac, Hungary 2014

Piazza Bellini Naples on a Weekend Night

Naples’ Piazza Bellini is an eclectic party on weekend evenings.  I took these shots on Easter Sunday. The locals claim this would be a typical Friday or Saturday night. 

Naples 4831

Naples Italy, bellini Square,Street, black and White


Naples, Italy, x100s, Street Photography, black and White Naples Italy, Street Photography, Black and White Photography, Bellini Square

Naples Italy, Bellini Square, Black and white photography,Street Photography

Naples Italy, Street Photography, Bellini Square, Black and White Photography


Piazza Bellini, Naples Italy, Street Photography, Black and White PhotograhyNaples Italy, Bellini Square, Street Photography, Black and White Photography

I used Gary Tyson’s Black and white conversion process that starts with a Kodak 400 T-Max setting and a little bit of processing in Silver Efex Pro 2/LightRoom 5 to give the pictures an edgy feeling matching the mood on the square.

Hungarian Wedding Procession

We stumbled upon this small Hungarian wedding in the village of Mad in the Tokaj wine region. The small boy’s expression is classic. This was taken through our bus window – too good to pass up.

Tokaj, Hungary, Street Photography, black and White

Hungarian Wedding Procession
Mad, Hungary 2014


Moving as Fast as They Can

Conductor waiting for a couple of Stragglers!

Budapest Hungary, Street Photography

Moving as fast as they can!
Budapest, Hungary 2014

Girders & Rivets

A different perspective of the Margit Bridge in Budapest.

Budapest Hungary,Black and White,Margit Hid, Architecture

Under the Margit Bridge
Budapest, Hungary 2014


An Irish Horse Race

The Irish love their horses. Last summer we attended a horse show and race in and around the West Cork village of Courtmacsherry. The Strand Race occurs during the few hours while the tide is out of the Courtmacsherry Bay.

This is small town life at its very best.

Barryroe show,Courtmacsherry Ireland, Judges Black and White

The Judges
Barryroe, Ireland 2013

Courtmacsherry, Ireland, Street Photo, Black and White, Ireland

Courtmacsherry, Ireland 2013

Horse Owner, Courtmacsherry Ireland, Strand Races, Ireland

Proud Owner
Courtmacsherry, Ireland 2013

Courtmacsherry Ireland, Strand Races, Horse racing in Ireland

Strand Race
Courtmacsherry Bay, Ireland 2013

Strand races, courtmachsherry Ireland, Street Photography

Winners  Circle
Courtmacsherry, Ireland 2013


Sketches from Rome

Roma; a city of color, light, faith and the Italian spirit.  Enjoy!

Blue Hour, Rome, Italy St Peters

Rome Morning
Rome, Italy 2014

Prayers in Saint Peter's Basilica Rome, Italy 2014

Prayers in Saint Peter’s Basilica
Rome, Italy 2014

Rome Italy, Morning Light

Morning Glow 

Rome auto

Street Rome conversation

Tiber River Catch, Rome Italy

St Peters Italy, Rome

St Peter’s Basilica Before Sunrise
Rome Italy, 2014

Rome, Italy

Elevator-Itallian Style
Rome, 2013


The Amalfi Coast Card Players

Camaraderie, cards and man’s best friend all on the Amalfi Coast in Italy!

Street Photography, Fuji x100s, Amalfi Coast Minori Italy

The Amalfi Card Players
Minori, Italy 2014


Italian Family Outing

Two brothers are having a grand time with the pigeons on Murano Island in Italy.   I am not sure who placed the bread on the boy’s head, but nobody seems to care.  This was in the exhibition “Around Town,” but I thought I would highlight it today.

Murano, Italy, Street Photography, Black and White

Italian Family Outing
Murano, Italy 2012

Hungarian Parliament

Afternoon shot of the Hungarian Parliament.  The area surrounding the Parliament has been completely renovated, and opened up for expansive shots like this.  The building has been scrubbed of decades of grime.  It is one of the largest and most spectacular parliaments in Europe.

Hungarian Parliament, Budapest Hungary

Hungarian Parliament
Budapest, Hungary 2014


Solitary Pub Moment

With St Patrick’s Day approaching, now seems a good time to reach back into my Irish archives from last summer.  Was this Irishman lost in thought or just waiting for his Guinness to settle? You decide.

Solitary Thoughts, Courtmacsherry Ireland, Pub, Irishman in Pub, Guinnes

Solitary Pub Moment
Courtmacsherry, Ireland 2013

Parliament at the Golden Hour

Enjoy this picture taken at sunset, framed by the Margit Hid (bridge) on the Danube in Budapest.  This is an HDR shot processed in LR-5, Photomatix and Photoshop CC.

Sunset on Hungarian Parliament, Budapest Hungary, Danube Margit Hid

Sunset On Parliament
Budapest, Hungary 2014

Sunny Morning Coming Down

Early one winter morning in a nearby park, I stumbled upon a young man lost in thought and sipping a Dreher beer.  Each time I tried to move closer, he looked up.  The best title I could muster is a tribute to Kris Kristofferson’s song:  “Sunday Morning Coming Down”.

Budapest, Hungary, Street Photography, Sunny Mornin' comin' Down

Sunny Morning Coming Down
Budapest, Hungary 2014


Distractions Prague, Czech Republic, 2013

Prague, Czech Republic, 2013

Closing the Sale-Street Style!

 Skepticism, The Comeback, And Proud Salesman!

Closing the Sale Budapest, Hungary 2014, Street Photography, Black and White

Closing the Sale
Budapest, Hungary 2014

Street Sale, Budapest Hungary

Closing the Sale-Street Style, Budapest, Hungary, Street Photography


Closing the Sale-Street Style, Budapest Hungary, Street Photography

The Street Chess Match

With temperatures hovering near freezing in Budapest, the chess players continued with intensity.

Street Photography, Budapest Hungary, Black and White jhotos

Street Chess
Budapest, Hungary 2014

Tough Guy-Philadelphia Style

This man went by me while I was out walking around Philadelphia this past fall.  He reminded me of a tough boxer type.  He may be the nicest guy in Philly, but this is the impression I had of him.  So I took the shot.

Philadelphia Street scene, Philly Black and Whiter

Philly Tough
Philadelphia, PA USA 2013

Technical Info: ISO-200, Aperture-F/8, Shutter Speed-1/450, Focal Length-23mm prime (35mm equivalent) on the Fuji X100s.


Pub Gossip

The Anchor Bar in Courtmacsherry, Ireland is a locals hangout!

Pub Gossip Courtmacsherry, Ireland 2013

Pub Gossip
Courtmacsherry, Ireland 2013

The Morning Crowd

The morning crowd (9:00am) in the pub (söröző) down the street.


The Morning Crowd
Budapest, Hungary 2013

Flowers for Sale

Hungarian flower seller on the streets of Budapest.

Flowers for Sale Budapest, Hungary 2013

Flowers for Sale
Budapest, Hungary 2013

Sunset Margit Bridge

Sunset and sunstar during the spring flood on the Danube in Budapest, Hungary.

Sunset and Sunstar Budapest, Hungary 2013

Sunset and Sunstar
Budapest, Hungary 2013

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I was running to catch a tram in Budapest when I saw this lady waiting on the platform.  In the midst of the bustle of the city, she seemed lost in thought. I snapped one shot and hopped on the tram.

Magnum Photo is celebrating the 100th anniversary of Robert Capa’s birth by posting each day a photo taken by Robert Capa.   They are inviting photographers to submit a visual response to their Capa photo selection.

         “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.”     Robert Capa

This picture is my visual response and was taken with the Fuji x100s.  I slightly cropped and processed in LR5 and Adobe CC.

Thoughts Budapest, Hungary 2013

Budapest, Hungary 2013

Conwy Valley, Wales

For the past few days, I had the privilege of attending Rick Sammon’s photo walk in the Conwy Valley area of Wales.  Enjoy the pictures of this beautiful area!

Tea House Llanrwst, Wales 2013

Tea House
Llanrwst, Wales 2013

Fairy Glen Conwy Valley, Wales 2013

Fairy Glen
Conwy Valley, Wales 2013

November Mood Conwy Valley, Wales 2013

November Mood
Conwy Valley, Wales 2013

Fall in Conwy Conwy Valley, Wales 2013

Fall in Conwy
Conwy Valley, Wales 2013

Church Color                               Conwy Valley Church Reflection

Llanrwst, Wales                              Conwy Valley Bridge

Future View

This picture was taken later in the afternoon after a rain storm. The light danced across the girders of the Old Bridge (Stary Most), and the effect on the Apollo Bridge (Apollo Most) caught my attention.  

During World war II, the Germans bombed Stary Most into the Danube river.   After the war, it was re-built by the Red Army.  The Slovaks built Apollo Most sometime after the fall of communism.  It has been critically acclaimed by various architecture organizations.  

The future looks good!

View of the Future Bratislava, Slovakia 2012

View of the Future
Bratislava, Slovakia 2012

Post Card From Philly

On a recent trip back to the States, I spent 10 days in Philadelphia visiting my son, Ryan.   I captured this picture off of the South Street Bridge towards the end of the day.

Technical info: ISO-200, Aperture-f/8, Shutter Speed-1/340, Focal Length 23mm fixed on the Fuji x100s, Hand Held, Cropped and Processed in LR5 and CS5.  RAW file converted to JPEG.

Philly Skyline Philadelphia, PA 2013

Philly Skyline
Philadelphia, PA 2013

Working the Fields

The Romanian Field Worker Romania, 2008

The Romanian Field Worker
Romania, 2008

Hungarian Folk Dance Aspirations

Local Hungarian Folk dance exhibition in Szent Istvan Park, Budapest.  

Technical Info: ISO-1250, Aperture-f/3.2, Shutter speed-1/320, Focal length 40mm Canon pancake lens

Young Folk Dance Fans Budapest, Hungary 2013

Hungarian Folk Dance Aspirations
Budapest, Hungary 2013

Holding on


Budapest Hungary, Street Photography,Black and White

Holding On
Budapest, Hungary 2013

Train Station Thoughts

Man waiting for a train in Zagreb, Croatia.  I would love to be able to read his mind.  


Waiting on a Train Zagreb, Croatia 2013

Waiting on a Train
Zagreb, Croatia 2013

Mesmerized on Margit Island

The fountain on Margit Island has these young children’s attention.

Fountain Wonder Budapest, Hungary 2013

Fountain Wonder
Budapest, Hungary 2013

Quasars Ensemble

Enjoyed shooting pictures the for Quasars Ensemble in Bratislava, Slovakia.  Here is the final product used in their CD insert for the album “Quasars Ensemble, Arnold Schonberg, Alexander Albrecht, Paul Hindemith.”  Ivan Buffa-Conductor on the Hevhetia record label 2013.  Special thanks to Peter Mosorjak (1st Violin) for helping to translate and organize the photo shoot.

Quasars Ensenble-Album insert

Quasars Ensemble


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